Roof Insurance

Roofing Insurance

Number of savings made this month
Number of new customers
Budget targets hit
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We can provide tailored solutions to meet your business’s needs. We can cater for any type of business where you are required to move people, equipment and goods.

We work with our clients collaboratively by helping them understand how to run their fleet better. Our clients are provided with tools to help them run their business from an insurance and regulatory perspective.


Company Handbooks
Risk Assessments
Claims Experience Spreadsheets
Underwriting Analytics
Health & Safety Literature


Insurance Connections throughout UK
Generational background in insurance
Working for the best deal for you


Optimal turnaround
Straight Talking, no jargon
Face to face communication
24/7 Support

Lets get you saving in record time

We’ll give you technical insights, market awarness and arrange mid-term claims reviews. All of this is designed to reduce your quotes and give you some real insight into how your fleet is performing.

With expertise in Underwriting and Broking our qualified staff will source the correct policy and provide you with dedicated account, claims and risk management support.

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