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We offer a wide range of marine insurance policies that can be created bespokely to meet your businesses unique needs. Our marine insurance policies are designed to cover loss or damage caused to watercraft of all types and mainly vary based on the based on the type of vessel being covered as well as the location of the vessels.

Our types of cover

Marine insurance is usually determined by the vessels area of operation. Common policies that we insure may include:

  • Out of water and onshore, (“laid up cover”)
  • In river, canals and lakes
  • In inland estuaries and coastal waters
  • Use in specified areas, such as the Mediterranean
  • Use in the oceans, worldwide

Freight Forwarding

Our policies offer a wide breadth of cover for freight forwarders. Cover protects both you and your clients. In the event of loss or damage to cargo belonging to your customers, or the resulting financial loss to your customers, you will be required to protect their liability and in particular cases, reimburse cargo owners for their loss. Our policies can also extend to cover Contingent Cargo Liability.